Fleet Driver Training

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At I Drive Safely, we offer a range of fleet driver training courses designed to improve driving skills, increase productivity, and ensure that your fleet is operating at the highest level possible. In addition, we can make your life easier with a fleet management application that easily and efficiently helps you manage your operations and keeps your business running smoothly.

Cost-Effective Fleet Driver Training

You can increase your driver's abilities, reduce liability risks, and even save your company money when you enroll your drivers in valuable skill- and safety-building courses, such as Distracted Driving or, our most popular course, Proactive Defensive Driving.

Corporate Fleet

Fleet Driving Safety

  • Reduce Liability Risks & Lower Insurance Costs
  • Increase Scheduling Flexibility
  • Provide Valuable Training On Site
Get Them on the Road Fast

Online courses are ideal for fleet managers. You can offer essential fleet safety training and provide valuable corporate fleet training without taking drivers off the road for an entire day. Fast and efficient, our courses are designed for busy fleet drivers.

  • Keep Your Drivers Driving - NOT Stuck in a Classroom
  • Schedule Corporate Fleet Training Effortlessly
  • Allow Drivers to Study Online at Home or in the Office
Stay Organized With a Free Management System

You can increase productivity, ensure efficiency, and keep your company running smoothly with one simple online program. Our easy-to-use online fleet manager application requires very little training and will make your life much easier!

  • Manage Your Training Program More Efficiently
  • Assign Courses and Run Reports Easily
  • Track and Monitor Progress Effortlessly

Create a positive impact on your budget, your drivers, your insurance, and your company. Contact an I Drive Safely representative today, and start your training program tomorrow!

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