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I Drive Safely's Fleet Training program is at the top of its class. With our program, both fleet managers and drivers can rest assured knowing their bus driver training will be taken care of. We offer a variety of courses to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Aggressive Driving
Our aggressive driving course is designed to address the influence emotions have on drivers. It is just as important to maintain your aggression while driving as it is to recognize when others may be in an unsafe state of mind. This course will teach your drivers how to monitor their aggression and predict how others may react - $25.

Drowsy Driving-Basic
Falling asleep at the wheel is a risk many drivers take when they have not prepared themselves for long distance driving. This course teaches how drowsiness can impact a driver's abilities and the warning signs to be aware of - $30.

Drowsy Driving-Advanced
Or advanced course follows Drowsy Driving-Basic and is designed to teach drivers how to prevent fatigue and drive safely under those conditions - $30.

Proactive Defensive Driving
Proactive defensive driving is the most important course for bus driver training. Drivers will explore the cause and affects of poor driving and how to prevent collisions due to environmental conditions. They will also learn how to manage risk and how to maneuver out of dangerous situations - $25.

Take Advantage of our State-Approved Discount Courses

We know how expensive insurance can be. That is why we also offer courses that can lower your insurance rates. We offer state-approved insurance discounts courses in the following states: Delaware, Kansas, New Jersey, North Dakota and Texas.

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