Van Driving Safety

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Van Driving Safety Course Online

Our Van Driving Safety course is broken up into three interactive modules and will take approximately one hour to complete. Offering the latest information on how to load and unload a van safely as well as how to operate it, your van drivers will learn how to become safer and more efficient drivers no matter what the situation is.

100% Online Training

  • Convenient access to course material
  • No classrooms to attend
  • Can take breaks at anytime
  • Access the course from any computer

Save Time and Money

  • Reduce Liability Risks & Lowers Insurance Costs
  • Provide Maximum Scheduling Flexibility
  • Provide More Cost-Effective Training Than Classroom Settings

Improve Your Overall Productivity

  • Keep Your Drivers Driving - NOT Stuck in a Classroom
  • Effortlessly Schedule Training
  • Allow Drivers to Study Online at Home or Office

Enjoy The Advantages of I Drive Safely

By signing up for I Drive Safely's online Van Driving Safety Course, fleet managers can rest assured knowing that their van drivers are getting the proper training they need.

Our courses are subject-specific and use proven teaching techniques that combine an effective use of both animation, text, audio and user-interactions increases the viewers participation which helps them learn more, learn it better and retain it longer. So when they resume driving, the safety tips and techniques and the rules of the road they've learn will be applied to their driving skills. The final results . better drivers, lower liability risks, lower insurance rates.

Streamline Employee Management System

Perhaps the most beneficial feature is our Fleet Management system. Fleet managers receive a separate log in so that they can easily add new employees to as many courses as they would like. Other features include automatic event notifications, pending due dates, completion reports, scores and course credits.

  • Reduce The Time It Takes To Manage Your Training Program
  • Eliminate Insurance and Traffic Violation Paperwork
  • Easily Track and Monitor Progress

Effective. Convenient. Affordable.

Fleet driver training does not get any easier. We are pleased to be the only online providers to offer such interactive courses. Your fleet is guaranteed to get the most out of our courses because each one is subject-specific plus meet all requirements necessary to lower your insurance rates.

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